Treatments of Asthma

Rainbow Cleaning Systems London – The Complete Asthma Home Remedy

Asthma is a health issue for a rising number of people in the UK. Whilst there are many treatments of Asthma, such as inhalers for both prevention and relief there are other asthma remedies available. Other treatments of Asthma include eukotriene receptor antagonists, theophyllines, steroids and even injections.

There is another way to treat Asthma.

One of the most obvious, yet overlooked, treatments of Asthma is ensuring you surround yourself in a dust free environment.

The Rainbow Cleaning System is a certified (AAFA / AHAM), proven Asthma remedy. What price do you put on your health? With the Rainbow cleaner, you have peace of mind that your home is as dust free as is possible.

Not many treatments of Asthma include the use of no pharmaceutical drugs. The Rainbow cleaning system is a natural way to combat Asthma and you also get the benefit of a remarkably clean home!

Why not request a demo of the Rainbow cleaning system  in your home today?


Rainbow Cleaning Systems London – The Complete Asthma Home Remedy

Asthma Remedy, The Rainbow System, is a well established product which was designed and manufactured in 1929 by Leslie H. Green and John W. Newcombe, after the “separator”, a device that was designed to separate dust and particles from the air was invented by Newcombe in the 1920s. Green saw the true potential in the separator and a bagless vacuum cleaner as another form of treatments of Asthma and began a corporation named Rexair, meaning “King of the Air”.

As sales of the product were rapidly growing, The Rainbow System’s arrival in the UK 25 years ago marked an important role in revolutionising vacuum cleaner products in this country. Then at the turn of the Millennium Rainbow London was formed as the sole UK distributor for the Rainbow System.

Rainbow London has over 25 years experience with the Rainbow System, having been involved with the system since its arrival in the UK. Customers nationwide are experiencing the vast benefits of using the Rainbow System in their own homes and in the workplace as an Asthma Remedy. Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to us and we are proud of all the positive feedback we receive from our customers daily.

New customers contacting Rainbow London will benefit from our detailed demonstrations in their own home and see for themselves the benefits of owning a Rainbow System. We also continually strive to look after our existing customers and as a result, through our loyalty program, customers can get any products on sale in our shop for FREE.

Rainbow System stands by the Philosophy of a Cleaner, Healthier home, we firmly believe this to be one of the most effective treatments of Asthma.


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