Buyer Beware

An Important Notice from Rainbow

When you purchase a Rainbow, you are buying more than 70 years worth of product development, continuous improvement and ingenuity. Plus, your Rainbow is supported by Rexair LLC, and by your local Independent Distributor.

The Rainbow System is sold exclusively through authorised Rainbow distributors.

New Rainbows are never advertised, and never sold by retail stores or over the internet. Purchasing from a non authorised distribution will result in not receiving Rainbows warranty and support for the product.

Authorised Rainbow Distributors only honor warranties on machines sold by other Authorised Distributors, which do not include retail or internet merchants.

While Rainbow sympathises with customers who have been taken advantage of by unauthorised or Internet sellers, Rainbow stands behind its Authorised Distributors and can only offer assistance to customers who have purchased through an authorised channel.

Advantages of buying from an Authorised Distributor

You know who you are dealing with – an Authorised Rainbow Distributor who is committed to customer satisfaction.

You will receive a warranty that is backed by Rexair LLC.

You will recieve personal service and atttention.

You will recieve a brand new unit in perfect condition.

You will have access to convenient, authorised local service.

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