• I am writing to you to tell you just how pleased i am with my Rainbow machine. As you know, our daughter Toni has suffered with chronic and acute Asthma since she was 2 years old and has spent many months in hospital. In an attempt to help alleviate the symptoms, we had stripped her room of all soft furnishings, including carpet, curtains, and soft toys. All her bedding was sealed in special covers designed for asthmatics and all surfaces were kept clear of dust. Even so, she was still suffering attacks every few months and the doctors had told us they could do no more.

    When you asked to have a look at the Rainbow machine, i was reluctant and very sceptical. I had seen several machines which were supposed to be good for asthmatics and none of them lived up to their claims. Before you arrived, i cleaned my home thoroughly, and had damp-dusted my daughters room from top to bottom.

    What i saw that evening changed all our lives. that seems like a big claim, but until recently, I had not realised just how big a difference it had made. I can still remember the amount of dirt, dust and grit the Rainbow removed from my carpets and furnishings, but mostly i remember how much skin and dust mite were removed from my daughters bed, even tho it had been ‘sealed’ from new. I just had to purchase one of these marvelous machines and i must say its the best purchase i have ever made. I can run it in My daughter’s bedroom to remove the dust & Bacteria ¬†from the air, or if she has a cold, i can put Eucalyptus oil in the water to help her breathe.

    Since purchasing the machine, my daughter has not had to go into hospital and has only had three minor attacks in two years, which we controlled at home. She is now off all steroids she was having to take and any other drugs she needs are now on reduced dosage. I cannot say that this is only because i bought a Rainbow, but i truly believe that it is 90% responsible for the improvement in my daughter’s health. Anyone who suffers from Asthma or any dust related allergy should certainly consider booking a demonstration of the Rainbow. I only wish i could have bought one years ago. I really cannot speak highly enough of it.


    Yours Sincerely

    Linda M. Saunders

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